Auditions and interviews for the upcoming season (2017) of Cry Innocent: the People vs. Bridget Bishop by Mark Stevick, have now ended.

Auditions typically consist of a reading from the script and some improv exercises. Additionally, please prepare a two-minute classical monologue. You can expect the initial interview / audition to last about an hour. Call backs consist of group ensemble and improv activities.

You’ll be asked to bring, or send ahead, a headshot, resumé,  and a list of conflicts between March and November. Please dress comfortably.

It’s to the advantage of applicants to have a good understanding of Salem’s history and the layout of downtown Salem.

Acting positions are paid.

Now in its 24th year, Cry Innocent: the People vs. Bridget Bishop is the audience-interactive witchcraft pre-trial of Bridget Bishop. Goodwife Bishop was the first person executed in the Salem witchcraft ordeal of 1692. The piece, while taken from the transcripts, is also highly theatrical. It employs character doubling, a performance poetry type exposition, and lots of improv from a historical base.

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