Susannah Sheldon

Susannah Sheldon

-age 18 years old

-She survived an Indian attack as a baby in Saco, Maine.

-A few years after this first attack, their farm was destroyed and William Sheldon, her father, was badly wounded by Indians. He later died, in December 1691, after a fall which complicated his injuries received by the Indians.

-After this 2nd attack, the family moved to Salem Village.

-Godfrey Sheldon (brother, age 24) was killed by Indians during a surprise ambush in July 1690.

-She did have other siblings.

-She probably lived on the other end of Salem Village, since she had never seen Bridget before.

-She testified at 11 examinations and trials—she was not present during Bridget’s April examination, but did give this testimony on June 2.

-It is not known what happened to Sheldon after this time.


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