Alice Pickering

Alice Pickering

– Alice Pickering, is a composite character who represents the midwives who examined the accused. Some other names of actual midwives are Hannah Keezer and Rebecca Sharp. Pickering is a well-known Salem family name.

– scripted age 30

– we are not positive that she was a midwife, however one source does say that the nine women were midwives.

– her name was written on the documents for her and she made “her mark”, which suggests she did not know how to write, only one of the nine women signed her name (Hannah Kezer).

– the document was also signed by John Barton, surgeon

– the searches were actually done on June 2

– those examined by the mid wives and found with marks were Bridget Bishop, Elizabeth Proctor, Rebecca Nurse (all three had “unnatural teats”, but when searched three hours later, the marks on all three women had “disappeared” or “dried up”).

– others examined were Alice Parker, Sarah Good/ and Susanna Martin (Note: Alice Parker and Susanna Martin were cried out upon after April 19).


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